August 26, 2018

“This group are so professional and stay in character beautifully! The people absolutely love them and gather round.” -Jann MacDonald


July 9, 2018

“Amazing characters, they are all so super nice and they remembered my son after meeting him once. My son adores wolverine so much and wants to go to all the events now so be prepared to see a lot of Connor now LOL! He was never really into superhero’s until he met WNY superheroes & Cosplayers and now it’s all he talks about. Today at the taste of buffalo Connor got recognized by wolverine and he’s been talking about it until he went to bed and I’m sure he will taking about it for the next week or more. He said the autograph he got was a superhero initiation as well haha!” – Melissa Tatro

July 8, 2018

“Taste of Buffalo has once again come and gone. And once again it was my privilege to work with one of the most dedicated and professional groups in WNY. Looking forward to our next stop amongst the cosmos!” -David Alan